Attleboro Community Helps Mom Find SpagettiOs for Daughter with Autism

It's really easy to get bogged down by all of the negative things that have happened these past few months. I get it. Sometimes I fall into the rut too. Which is exactly why when you see a story like this you just gotta share that positive news everywhere.


The story of community positivity comes from Attleboro MA.

Crystal MacDonald, a hard working mother of four, put out a plea for help after pandemic food shortages made SpagettiO's with meatballs nearly impossible to find for her eleven year old non verbal autistic daughter, Crystal. You see all of the uncertainties made all of Crystal's other food options a no go.

How did the community respond you ask? Well take a peak at the full story below...and just a warning you may want to grab a tissue or two!

Photo Credit: Getty/grandriver

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