Doc Antle From 'Tiger King' Charged With Animal Cruelty

I think it's safe to say, anyone who watched Netflix massive hit "Tiger King" knows there are several unsavory characters.

Between, the crazy outfits, murder plots, drugs and guns it was definitely hard to stop watching. But at the center of the were the animals. Throughout the docuseries we see hundreds of different tigers all in various states of destress and finally one person who was accused of some pretty horrific actions have been charged.

Portrait Of Tiger In Cage

Doc Antle was certainly a notable character in the show even excluding his sex capades.

Claiming to run a clean and safe place for big cats and other various exotic animals a like. His animals worked in Hollywood, he performed family friendly shows and even boasted once an a life time experiences allowing guest to hold baby tigers for a fee.

And honestly compared to some of the other facilities his looked great. That is until the accusations from former staff members popped up. We heard rumors of him euthanizing tigers that had gotten to big once they were no longer of use to him. We heard about his training practices injuring or killing animals who wouldn't behave.

So after all that it should come as no surprise Doc has been charged with animal cruelty and wildlife trafficking.

The story is a lengthy one so if you want to learn more about the specifics, you can find that here.

Photo Credit: Getty/Alknany Bdallh / EyeEm

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