Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Star In New Coffee Commercial

Well this was a pleasant surprise to kick of my Monday morning!

As I was scrolling through the world wide web I found myself on Ryan Reynolds YouTube Channel. While there were many goofy vids that stood out this one had me chuckling the hardest.

Cast members Ryan Reynolds (R) and Hugh

Back on September 15th. Reynolds posted this commercial for Laughing Man Coffee owned by his bud Hugh Jackman. Basically it's a feel good coffee that donates 100% of Jackman's ownership profits to a charity, which is cool in and of its self but it wasn't until seeing this commercial that I was officially sold.

It kicks off following Hugh as he acts as a grumpy Gus throughout his morning but finally turns around after having a cup of the Laughing Man Joe. Pretty simple and unfunny right? Naw, it's narrated by Reynolds of course which means the whole thing is a chucklefest waiting for you to watch it.

Check it out below!

Photo Credit: Getty/JEWEL SAMAD/Staff

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