Man Plants Separate Garden For Groundhogs After They Kept Stealing Veggies

Now, I am not a gardener however after living with my Grandmother for many years I have learned some things about the wild world of plants.

Rule number 1: Groundhogs are the devil!

No... not really...but I can't tell you how many times my poor grandmother came out discover all her hard work had been thwarted and eaten by groundhogs and bunnies.

Lord, I'm pretty sure she's even trapped a few. So it was really sweet to see this famer take a different approach to his wild neighbors.

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Now Jeff has been an avid gardener for the past 20 years and really prides himself on his veggies, so when he started discovering his plants being eaten at an alarming rate he decided to set up a camera and find out who was the culprate!

Fortunately for the groundhog Jeff named Chuck, Jeff decided rather than try and get rid of his hungry friend he would embrace his neighbor and did something spectacular.

Check out what happened below!

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