'The Crown' Actors Reveal How They Got Into Character For Upcoming Season

With season four of the fan favorite, "The Crown" just days away from making it's Netflix appearance the new cast has been making the rounds and sharing some insider secrets.

Princess Diana(L), her sons Harry(2nd L)

While on The Graham Norton Show yesterday Josh O'Connor who plays Prince Charles in the upcoming season and Emma Corrin playing the late Princess Diana decided to share just how they worked on getting into character for their rolls.

Norton asked the British actors what "shortcuts" they used while playing the royals.

O'Connor responded that although he didn't spend too much time trying to copy the prince, there was a physical mannerism he picked up on.

"There's one thing I noticed. Every time he got out of a car — he still does it now — he checks his cuff link, checks his cuff link, checks his pocket square, and then waves," said the actor. As he detailed the prince's habit, O'Connor demonstrated each action taken.

"So every time he goes to a public event, or anything, it's cuff link, cuff link, pocket square, wave."

And if that wasn't interesting enough check out what Emma learned about the people Princess in the video below!

Can't wait for the next season? Don't worry, you're wait is almost over. Season four premieres this Saturday, November 14th, on Netflix.

Photo Credit:Getty/AFP/Stringer

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