A "She's All That" Reboot Is In The Works With A Twist


Remember the 1999 classic "She's All That"? Yeah, me too. hands down one of the top 10 90's movies in my personal opinion.

Well, it's getting a reboot...with a twist!

Cinema seat and pop corn facing empty movie screen

This classic 90's film is getting a gender swap reboot! Yes you read that right "He's All That".

The movies Instagram describes the plot as, "After being humiliated online, an influencer decides to get back at her now ex by taking a dare to turn the school’s biggest loser into a Prom King."

Clearly the classic is getting a face lift and I for one am super excited, especially since Rachael Leigh Cook has signed on to the project.

As you may recall Rachael Leigh Cook played the leading lady in the 90's film, however this go around she finds herself landing the part of mom for the stories protagonist.

While no release date is insight, you can learn a bit more about the cast here.

Photo Credit: Getty

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