Watch Tina Fey Tell Jimmy Fallon About Saving A Man's Life

Need another reason to love the comedy icon that is Tine Fey? Well buckle up, because now she is a hero!

Tina Fey at the 72nd Annual Writers Guild Awards

Okay, Hero might be a strong word, but she definitely did save a guys life.

In the recently re-trending clip from Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show, Tina begins to tell Jimmy about an experience she and her family had when they decided to ditch their city apartment and head to suburbia to hunker down for the pandemic.

While outside, Tina says she heard what sounded like someone calling for help, or a bird...I mean she is a city dweller so she might be unfamiliar with them. Either way she and her husband called the cops and because of that she saved an ore less kayaker!

Crazy right? Now that was just a significantly less funny recap of the tale so it you really want to chuckle today, check out the full clip below!

Photo Credit: Getty

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