Couple Turns an Old Van Into a Mobile Dining Room

Hands down one of the most hard hit industries from the 2020 pandemic has been the food industry. Rules and regulations constantly changing, people financial strapped and unable to spend their extra cash eating out, and of course, making sure the health and safety of their staff is the top priority has left so many restaurant owners struggling hard.

But, even during some of the most challenging times there are those who want to help and use their creativity to do so.

Meet Doug & Kim.

"Family in illuminated van in forest, side view, evening"

Doug & Kim decided that they wanted to continue frequenting their favorite eaters and wanted to do so in style.

No take containers here!

Doug & Kim took their van and turned it into a mobile dinning room!

Seats, a table and fancy ambient lighting in toe, they've taken to showing up at various restaurants in Illinois, where indoor dining has been restricted since November.

Since they can't enjoy their meals in the eaters themselves they figured the parking lot would be the next best thing and are sharing their dining out experiences on their new social media pages!

Want to learn more about Doug & Kim or just plain follow their story? Check out their Facebook below!

Photo Credit: Getty

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