'SNL' Nails The Experience of Exhausted Moms on Christmas Morning

Let's face it, behind every Christmas miracle is a Mon. A sleepy exhausted Mom, who spends months agonizing over getting just the right gifts, cooking the right food and entertaining her family so they all have the perfect day. Heck, being a Mom around the holidays is like having a second full time job. It's a lot.

So when 'SNL' this past Saturday did a skit on the Mom's of Christmas time I just knew I had to share!

Family opening Christmas presents together

The skit starts out in seeing the family doing their holiday traditions and ends with the exhausted mom being too darn tired to keep her eyes open for their annual holiday pic!

Sound familiar? Then you might get a chuckle on the video below!

Enjoy and happy holidays to all those bad momma's out there doing their best this holiday season!

Photo Credit: Getty

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