A Wild Koala Shows Up In Family's Christmas Tree And Doesn't Want To Leave

Now I know this will be tricky to imagine considering we live in New England and it is darn chilly BUT bare with me.

Imagine you set up your Christmas tree, leave your doors open since the weather is so lovely then come back to find a wild animal has made your tree their new home!

Koala, Phascolarctos cinereus

Well this happened a family in Australia the other day! Now here, if we left the doors ajar we might get a rambunctious squirrel or a cheeky raccoon, but in the land down under they have the cutest little marsupials Koalas!

Of course they filmed their interaction with the little bugger and eventually he went his own way, but the video was just too good for me not to share!

Check out what this cute little fella got up to below!

Photo Credit: Getty

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