Santa's Coming To Town! Track Santa's Trip Around The World Here

Now I may be 30, but I am a big kid at heart so I just knew I had to share the Official NORAD Santa Tracker!

It doesn't matter if you're young or old! Tracking Santa is just plain fun!

If you've never done with before or shared the experience with your kiddos' I highly recommend it!

So first and foremost you want to go and check out they've been the official trackers of Santa for 65 years now but this year is a little different!

They've added a few new games, so ways to interact with the elves and even a movie about Santa!

Now if you're just in this for the straight up Santa tracking, I recommend you download the app.

Check out the details on how to do that and play along with your kids below!

Merry Christmas!

Photo Credit: Getty

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