Tequila Tuesday: Christmas Cocktail Edition

So I don't know about you, but this year I need a little more help getting into the holiday spirit so I figured what better way to help than to drink more spirits!

Negroni Cocktail, with Gin, Red Vermouth, and Campari, over Ice with Orange Twist in Dark Luxurious Bar

I'm telling you man, 2020 has hit me HARD. With all the holiday missed by being away from friends and family I've been really struggling to get in the holiday spirit.

I decorated the tree, did the shopping and wrapped the presents but things have just felt off. And while I certainly don't recommend turning to alcohol to solve our problems having a stiff tasty cocktail certainly has been taking the edge off being kinda down this holiday.

Now in all transparency I've only tried the 'Naughty but Nice' and 'Cranberry Old Fashioned' but both were killer.

So take a look at the recipes and let me know which ones are your favorite!

Find the recipes here.

Happy Holidays!

Photo Credit: Getty

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