Happy New Year! Use These Tips To Stick To Your New Years Resolution

Can I level with you? Every year I make a New Years Resolution, and every year about one to two weeks in I fail. So really I need these tips more than anyone!

Fat man slowly running outdoors, active lifestyle as struggle with obesity

Now it doesn't matter what my resolutions have been. Losing weight, learning languages, mediation, yoga, using my planner... I get about two weeks in and just fail. So this year I wanted to set myself up for success so I of course turned to the internet!

I was pretty impressed. The American Psychological Association had an entire article about how we can rework our brain and habits to do new things!

It's funny even just reading the first few habits I knew I had been doing them wrong all along.

Get this, step one- start small...I am KNOWN for making big grand sweeping changes....and then shortly after reverting back.

Another step three- talk about it...I literally never communicate my plans to friends or family...in fact you have no idea how many times my mother has listened to me on the radio and found out I was doing this that or the other thing. I guess I just tell you all about it first!

Anyways there are a bunch of tips in there so take a peak here - https://www.apa.org/topics/new-year-resolutions and good luck!

Here's to 2021 being our year!

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