It's National Chocolate Cake Day! Learn To Make The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Now normally you know I don't care about those made up holidays BUT today is national chocolate cake day and I will take any excuse to eat chocolate cake!

Confectioner decorating chocolate cake, close-up.

It's impossible to stay up to date with all those crazy made up holidays so I really don't even bother. But earlier this morning I discovered that today has been deemed National Chocolate Cake Day, and since I am a huge fan of both chocolate and cake I figured why not, let's learn how to make the ultimate chocolate cake!

I will admit I personally haven't tried this recipe yet ( I was going to bake it during my lunch break but then I realized I was out of eggs ) however I didn't want that to stop you from learning a new fun way to make some cake.

So if you have some time tonight and you want to get your cake on, give it a go and let me know how it comes out!

Photo Credit: Getty

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