High School Principle Takes Job At Walmart To Support Struggling Students

Meet the South Carolina High School Principle who chose to take a night job at Walmart to help is struggling students.

High school students walking in corridor, low section

Henry Darby, the principal at North Charleston High School in North Charleston, South Carolina, has taken a night job stocking shelves at Walmart to help students struggling to make ends meat.

Darby decided to take the night shift stalking shelves at his local Walmart after encountering multiple students who needed a helping hand. 90 percent of the students in attendance at North Charleston High School in South Carolina are living below the poverty line. In an interview with Today.com Darby said, "I get a little emotional, because when you've got children you've heard, sleeping under a bridge, or a former student and her child, they're sleeping in a car, or when you go to a parent's house because there's problems and you knock on the door, there are no curtains and you see a mattress on the floor,”

Fortunately for Darby and his students, Darby's exceptional work gained national attention and he was surprised with a check from and unexpected place.

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