Watch Pandas At The Smithsonian National Zoo Slide Around In The Snow

I love Pandas. Head over heels love them. In fact, that's actually the nick name my boyfriend has bestowed on me due to how clumsy and always ready for snacks I am LOL.

Mother panda and cub (Ailuropodinae melonoleuca), winter

Anyways, it you were unaware Pandas are phenomenally funny. They positively love to play and frolic especially when there is snow and have absolutely no problems entertaining themselves as the Smithsonian Pandas demonstrated earlier this morning.

As snow began to fall across the east coast it sent most people back inside their warm and comforting homes. However for the Panda bears at the Smithsonian snow doesn't mean snuggling up in their warm pens but playing!

Watch as they tumble, slip and slide enjoying the fresh falling snow to their hearts content below!

Photo Credit: Getty

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