5 Ways To Cleanse Your Body In 1 Day

I don't know about you, but yesterday I definitely over did it. WAY too many tasty snacks and boy, am I paying for it today and if you are too these tips might point you in the right direction!

Colourful vegan food eating conceptual still life.

Now, I didn't go searching this idea out, It just happened to pop up on my Facebook newsfeed from Today.com but I figured what the heck right?

The article is pretty good! It recommends drinking lemon water, eating breakfast to jump start your metabolism, not skipping meals, drinking tea and exercise. All pretty basic right? Yeah I thought so too until I started reading everything they had to say.

So if you too are curious about how you can use these 5 tips to jump start your detox take a peak at the article here.

Good luck!

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