Mom Fools Shopaholic Son With A Cake That Looks Identical To An Amazon Box

Now I wouldn't say I have a problem per say, but I will admin my shopping has amped up a bit since the Pandemic. At this point I am well acquainted with those happy little Amazon boxes and when I saw this cake, I was fooled too!

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Nina Even Williams, a mom and baker decided she would do something special for her sons upcoming 24th birthday. Well, since he was so well known for his weekly Amazon purchases Nina decided to poke a little bit of fun at him and design his birthday cake in the shape of an amazon box!

Nina then posted the pics to her Instagram account saying, "It's my son's 24th birthday today, and I've made him a cake since 2011, seeing as he has so many deliveries from Amazon weekly, I decided I was going to make him this. Happy birthday Kaney!"

Since then the cake has drawn so much adoration for it's lifelike appearance! Even I was fooled!

Check out the amazing pics below! .

Photo Credit: Getty

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