Dog Owners Quick Thinking Saves Pup After It Fell Through Thin Ice

Weather across the country has been so unpredictable this winter. Cold temperatures have been causing a ruckus for many people and pets and at times putting them in danger.

Portrait of wet Labrador retriever on frozen lake

One dog was particularly lucky his owner was standing by after falling through thin ice on the family pool.

Many southern families were taken off guard by the recent cold snap leaving them woefully unprepared. Frozen pipes, no heat, and food shortages have been plaguing communities. And because this snap came out of no where many people still had a pool full of water in their back yard.

Well these pools have since frozen over but not as firmly as others. One curious pup decided to explore the ice but got a nasty shock when he fell through the partially thawed ice. Fortunately his owner was just feet a way and didn't hesitate to jump feet first in to save his pet!

Check out the dramatic story below!

Photo Credit: Getty

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