Dunkin Added Avocado Toast, Macha Donuts And Grilled Cheese To It's Menu

Spring has come to Dunkin and with it some new menu items that seem...well random.

Avocado toast

So this morning while I was making my daily Dunkin run I noticed some new signage at the drive thru offering some new Spring items.

Avocado Toast, Macha Donuts and Grilled Cheese have all been added to their seasonal menu and to be honest I was a bit taken back. Now don't get me wrong, I actually liked when Dunkin offered sandwiches. They were convenient and you could add an egg to them! Judge me if you like, but a turkey, bacon, egg and cheese on sour dough bread was killer. So at some point I will probably try the grilled cheese one morning I'm feeling adventurous but there's something about getting avocado toast at a Dunk's that feels a touch off putting. The Macha donuts do look good BUT will it be able to compete with my all time 2 favs French Crullers and Boston Cream? Probably not. And if I'm going to spend the calories eating a donut don't you want it to be one of your all time favorites?

Anyways, check out the new menu items for yourself here and let me know what you think on Facebook! @TracyLynn

Photo credit: Getty Images

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