Dairy Free Desserts For The Lactose Intolerant People In Your Life

Now I may have mentioned this from time to time, but I am lactose intolerant. Most of the time I ignore it, much to my bodies dismay, but whenever there is a lactose free option I will always choose that so these are right up my alley and hopefully yours!

Melting Ice Cream Sandwiches

I'm telling you man, you ever want to really make a lactose intolerant friend the happiest person ever. make them one of these tasty treat.

I was actually getting hungry while watching these desserts being made. In fact, I ended up sending this video to my BF as a gentle suggestion for things to make this weekend.

Anyways, there's a wide variety of desserts for various skill levels, love of chocolate and calories so if you are looking for a new tasty treat to try check out this video below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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