Woman Gets A Surprise When A Hidden Camera Shows Where Her Childs Toys Go

Cats sometimes do the darndest things and boy is it adorable!

Spielende Katze

Anyone who's ever had a cat knows that at times they can be mischievous. Knocking things down...getting into spaces they aren't supposed to...eating all your plants. But regardless of the trouble they sometimes can cause they often times are well meaning behind their trouble.

Like this cat.

Now cats are known for presenting their owners with "gifts". For the owners of outside cats that can mean waking up find a small dead animal in your house. For indoor cats though the presents can be a bit random.

You see this little kittie wanted to show it's owners that they were apricated so he started bring them his own toys as a thank you, however that soon changed into stealing the kids toys and led to this adorable video!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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