How To Make Ice Cream on 'Chopped'

Okay, now I love watching the Food Network's show Chopped. but let's face it it can be anxiety inducing. Especially when it comes to the dessert course and the contestants run to the ice cream machine.

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Which is exactly why I think as many people has possible watch this BuzzFeed Tasty tutorial on how it's done.

10 minuets left on the the clock? Never used an ice cream machine before? Don't know how to make an ice cream base? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are clearly prepared to attempt to make ice cream in a high pressure situation like the timed cooking show Chopped.

Really, I kid you not. It is such a common practice my boyfriend and I have even included it in our Chopped drinking game. Which yes is super fun and someday I will probably give you the details on how to play, but that is not what this article is about.

This article is to teach you how to make ice cream in case you are ever on the show yourself.

Now really it's not that hard, unless someone steals the machine before you that is.

So check it out and who knows maybe someday you'll be thanking you for giving you the heads up!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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