Meet The Kitten Who Wanted To Never Grow Up

It's not uncommon to our furry babies to not realize when they're too big for activities they used to do when they were tiny but it certainly is adorable when they still try!

Small tabby mixed breed kitten under gray and red wool plaid. Pets care and adoption concept. Close up, selective focus.

in between all the photos and posts celebrating International Women's Day, there was this cute little video of an adorable cat who didn't seem to realize he wasn't a kitten anymore!

So I figured why not share with everyone since it made me so happy to see the little guy snuggling on up. Now fortunately his owner video taped his whole kitten hood and put together this adorable complication so we get to experience all the adorableness first hand!

Take a look for yourself and enjoy!

OH and Happy International Women's Day to all you bad a** mama jamma's out there!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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