Wildlife Cameras Capture Rare Photos of Florida Panthers

I will be honest my knowledge of Florida wildlife is pretty limited so to see these photos was incredible.

Endangered Florida Panthers

Outside of Alligators, Wild Bore, Giant Snakes and Manatee's I am pretty unversed in Florida wildlife so when I saw these photos and learned there were Panthers native to Florida my mind was blown

Now I will 100% admit that I can't share these rare photo's here in my blog, They're copywritten so I could get in trouble BUT if you click here it will take you to a story Today.com did about them. Which is how I found them in the first place.

But after I saw the images and learned of their existence I did a touch of clicking around to find out that not only are these Panthers endangered but at one point there were so few, around 30 in the wild, that they were on the brink of becoming extinct.

Fortunately after some habitat restoration and banning hunting their population is beginning to make a come back. That being said, they do need a fair amount of help. So if you have a moment maybe donate a dollar or two and learn about the preservation of the wild Panther's in Florida here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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