The Bachelor's Matt James Sits Down With Rachel To Explain Their Breakup

Talk about season of surprises, this years The Bachelor really took a turn.

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This season of The Bachelor has certainly been unprecedented. From having the first black bachelor, to having long time host Christ Harrison step down after racially charged content was discovered to how Matt's happily ever after was cut short just days after hoping to say I do.

Really, this was no season like the others. Now in case you were unaware on Monday's season finally Matt chose Rachel to be his forever person. There moments together were touching and it genuinely seemed like they were in it for the long hall. Or at least longer then a few weeks. However soon after the two were leaving their quarantined paradise and heading back to their perspective homes to await the finally photos of Rachel surfaced where she attended several racist themed parties leading to their very quick breakup.

Now I highly recommend you check out the whole story on that here but before you do, make sure you watch Matt and Rachel's final goodbyes below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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