Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Teases Running For President

He doesn't claim to be the "People's Champion" for nothing!

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Dwayne Johnson or as us wrestling fans refer to him as, "The Rock" has teased an upcoming campaign to run for President.

Which to be honest, I saw coming a mile away. It all started when Dwayne announced a new television show about his life called "The Young Rock" (p.s it's fantastic 10/10 recommend you check it out the next time your looking for something lighthearted to watch). The show takes place in 2032 in which Dwayne is on the campaign trail running in the Presidential Election. The show focusing on him sitting down for a long forum interview explaining how he went from being a young kid in Hawaiian to the world famous wrestler to an all around super star.

Well since it's come out an independent poller was curious, just how many people would vote for 'The Rock' if he ran and it turns out a bunch! 46% of people polled said they would vote for Dwayne for President without even hearing how he feels about hot button political issues. That's 46% of people without even trying!?!

Now had I been asked, I too, would 100% vote for a new President Johnson especially one who absolutely crushed the roll of a demi god in Moana.

But just because the people might want it, does that mean he actually would?

Turns out the answer is yes!

While he doesn't have any hard plans to start campaigning currently he has thought about it and opened up about his thoughts on the matter in a recent interview here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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