Watch: If Cats Were Humans-Woman Makes Hilarious Video Of A Personified Cat

Not gonna lie, when I watched this video I actually snorted a few times lol

Scottish Shorthair cat lying on the couch

Abi Clarke, a comedian from over seas, posted this unquestionably accurate video of herself pretending to be a cat personified and I just have to say It. Is. Perfection. (Picture mouth kissing fingers gesture here)

She positively nails every stereotypical cat behavior in such a way that had me laughing so very hard. Dead animal presents? She had it. Refusing to move even an inch off of the bed? Yep. Sitting on the book you're trying read to get any and all of your attention? Absolutely!

Really it is just a wonderful short video that brought me a fair amount of happiness that I thought I would share.

So enjoy below and if you want more from Abi you can follow her on IG here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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