Does This Students Former Teacher Takes Communications Too Far?

It's normal to befriend past teachers as an adult. It's funny but I think I have like 3 or four of them on my Facebook page as I type. However after reading this article I agree, this woman clearly takes things too far.

Confident student writing at desk

Earlier this afternoon I came across this article and this persons former teacher texting him inappropriate things looking for advice.

While I recommend you check out the full article below, the guy looks for help describes his former teachers behaviors pretty badly saying, " She sends me gifts and makes me uncomfortable talking about how she loves gay men and wants to watch them have sex."

I mean obviously that is an issue. So what she he do? How should he handle communicating his feelings?

Now personally I agree with the author of the article I found. CLEARLY she is abusing her relationship and he should find a way to stop communicating with her in whatever he feels most comfortable. But what do you think? Let me know and we'll talk about it on air tomorrow :)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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