Meet Shane Whalley, The Only Fitness Motivation You Will Ever Need

Okay this persons excitement for his journey is positively infectious and I highly recommend you take a look at his story below!

Fat man slowly running outdoors, active lifestyle as struggle with obesity

I recently discovered Shane Whalley while I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and feel positively in love with him and his journey so I figured I would share.

Shane starts out, morbidly obese however over months of hard work and dedication her gradually begins to see progress, so much so that he chooses to highlight his weight loss with his past cloths.

Now this part really hit home with me. I can 100% relate to not realizing how much my body has changed until trying on something that was once unwearable only to realize it was too big! Honestly, I think we all can. And it's these video up dates that really struck home.

Take a look at this incredible complication BuzzFeed put together and make sure you follow Shane here to get more updates on his progress!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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