Man Gets Mercilessly Dragged For Article About Disney Being "Too Woke"

Now, having never been to Disney World...or Land for that matter I don't have a ton of skin in this race however personally I think removing images, characters or other sexiest racist troupes is always a good thing. This guy? Not so much.

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Jonathan Vanboskerck wrote an Op-ed piece for the Orlando Sentinel where he expressed that he no longer can enjoy the Disney World experience since Disney has begun removing certain racist and sexiest characters from rides and allowing employees of the Disney parks more freedom with how they dress.

As you may gather, many people much wittier than I, took to the internet to roast this guy pretty hard.

Now honestly I have no read the article as I do not have a subscription to the Orlando Sentinel and I have zero desire to sign up for a subscription, but if these screen shots on Twitter are indeed accurate, this guys deserves every sarcastic tweet he's getting!

Check out the story for yourself below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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