Hundreds Of People Named Josh Showed Up To Battle For The Spot As Top Josh

Honestly the idea is just plain brilliant!

Boxing gloves and flashes

What started out as a joke quickly turned into one of the craziest battles of fun I have seen possibly ever.

It's safe to say everyone knows at least one person named Josh. I mean as far as common names go, it's right up there with Matt, Mike and John! Which apparently begs the question. Who is THE BEST one of them all?

Well, one Josh was on the quest to find just that. He created a Facebook group just for people named Josh and decided he would invite them all to Lincoln Nebraska to duel to the death to see once and for all who the best Josh really was! Now, really they just used pool noodles but honestly that is what makes it so good.

Josh from all over came for the battle. Some even in costumes and armor!

Really it's a wonderful site to see and if you haven't checked it out yet I highly recommend you do below!

P.s. If any other Tracy's want to battle someday just count me in!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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