Watch What Happens As A Roller Coaster Stalls At 235 Foot Peak

A roller coaster in the U.K stalled over the weekend just feet before the 235 foot peak causing one of the most frightening videos I have ever seen.

Low angle view of roller coaster track against clear blue sky

Now to be honest with you, I'm not a roller coaster kind of girl. I like my feet planted firmly on the ground thank you very much. That being said, these videos posted by the ride goers are the things that haunt my dreams,

At first you can see the cars stopped nearly at the very tippity top of the ride. Certainly scary in and of itself. Although the passengers don't seem to be all that bothered.

Some time goes by and you can then see the passengers a touch more unnerved than they were before. Although, I suppose they could just be over sitting at the top of a ride for that long.

But then THEN, they have to climb down from the roller coaster and this video is what really got my blood pumping!

They have to walk slowly down that 235 foot slope one person at a time and honestly I don't know how they were able to film a video while making that dissent.

I know for a fact I would have passed out! So good for them man. If you need me for the rest of the day I will be hiding safely in my bed!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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