Man Climbs 50ft To Save Mischievous Cat

Yikes! How did the cat get all the way up there!


For the longest time I used to think cats getting stuck in the trees were kind of like an urban legend. I know. It sounds silly. But as a kid I owned bunches of cats and never saw them climb trees. Our doors? Absolutely. My mothers antique armoire? All the time! But trees??? That just sounded silly to me.

But hey, in my defense I was a kid lol.

Anyways, yes as an adult I do know cats climb trees and get stuck. But this might be the highest cat getting stuck in a tree video I have seen. Some how, this poor kitty managed to climb upwards of 50 feet and then get himself stuck. Fortunately a good samaritan happened to come to the rescue just in time.

Check out what happened below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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