Video: Guy Shows What It's Really Like To Live With A Bionic Arm

Yep, I know I posted about a hair cutting robot earlier today but I fell down a robot video hole on the internet and found this pretty cool so here we are!

robot hand and child's hand pointing fingertips

Okay, so you have to hear about this technology.

Henry Kcox is a young man who was born without an arm who's taken to Tik Tok and various social media platform to show the world exactly what it's like having a bionic arm.

Now, I am no scientist so I have positively zero idea how this technology works really, but the way Henry was describing it was absolutely fascinating. So if you have a couple of moments and want to check out something that is like straight out of an amazing sci-fi film watch his video below.

It will probably blow your mind!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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