Candles Have Rules! Watch This Video And Make Your Candles Last Longer

I am a terrible candle mom. Honestly I was unaware that there were rules to having candles. I mean, other than don't set your house on fire. lol That said, this video is a total game changer!

Two Candles

With mothers day around the corner I was thinking about hitting my local Yankee Candle and stalking up on some goodies for my mother. I mean, come on. All mums love candles. Which is why when I saw this video I was flabbergasted just how little I really knew about candles.

I think I had heard about trimming the wicks...maybe. And I did know that candle lids will snuff out the flame so you don't have to blow them out. But the rest of this stuff is just pure gold that will help you get the most out of those candles which can be darn expensive after all!

Check it out below and share with your fellow candle lover!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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