Ditch The Margarita This Cinco De Mayo For This Spicy Tequila Cocktail!

Now don't get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good margarita but sometimes you just need to mix up your cocktail love!

Coconut Blood Orange Margaritas


Now I know today is typically a margarita heavy holiday which is lovely, margaritas are delightful. But sometimes you need something a little more spicy. Or just different.

That's where this tasty cocktail will come in handy. I found it on a cocktail Instagram account I follow aptly named "Cocktails" lol and this one really peaked my interest! It's called "Paloma but with a twist! (By@join_jules" and it just positively fabulous!

So give it a try and let me know what you think! Happy drinking!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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