Video: This Women Tinted Her Eyebrows And It Couldn't Have Gone Worse

Hey, I know the struggle. Dealing with eyebrows can be hard. But this lady ended up biting off more than she could chew with this product she found on YouTube.

Young woman with fake eyebrows painted on fingers, portrait, close-up

I mean, we've all been there. Seen something an influencer was wearing or promoting and said dammmmn I want that.

The tricky thing is, in YouTube land not everything ends up going to plan. You see this poor woman saw a product to tint her eyebrows on an influencers profile and despite following the directions ended up with some pretty disastrous results. Not only did she end up tinting her eyebrows BUT she ended up staining her skin and from what you can see in the video it didn't look like it was coming off any time soon.

Anyways check out the video below and share with your friends who might need fair warning before buying the latest thing they find on the internet!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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