Sneaky Cat Steals The Oddest Things From Her Neighbors To Give As Gifts

It's pretty common knowledge that cats like to present their owners with trophies and presents from time to time. And for most cats that means killing some poor defenseless rodent that happened to cross their path. Well one cat decided that wasn't going to do it and picked up an unusual habit.

Cat Ready to Pounce

Imagine coming out to your kitchen every morning and finding something out of place. Maybe an odd sock in the middle of the floor. A light bulb pushed against the base of the cabinets. An old shoe you'd never seen before.

You'd be a bit taken a back right? Well that exactly what happened to one family. They began discovering all sorts of odd objects around their property. SO they did what any confused home owner would do. They set up a camera to see if they could catch someone in the act. Turns out they did catch someone, just not who they were expecting.

You see, their feline companion had been the one up to trouble stealing various objects from their neighbors and bringing them home as gifts and trophies to her humans!

Sweet and mischievous. Just like cats should be! Check out the whole story and some goofy pics of the cat caught in the act below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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