Lyme Disease Carrying Deer Ticks Are On The Rise In New England

With many people vaccinated and exciting to partake in various outdoor activities this Summer experts are advising New Englanders to be on the look out for another hidden threat. Deer Ticks.

Tick parasite on human skin

The Today Show featured a piece on the rise of Deer Tick population over the weekend writing, "A late-summer drought virtually eliminated ticks in parts of New England but they're back with a vengeance this spring. Dog ticks, which do not carry Lyme disease like deer ticks do, have been especially active since early spring in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. And people who've been getting outdoors because of the pandemic are discovering the arachnids on themselves and on pets. “People are outdoors a lot more because of COVID so we’ve all discovered this newfound love relationship with nature, which is really cool and I’m really happy about. So there’s just a lot more chances for ... human interactions with ticks,” said Patti Casey, environmental surveillance program manager for the Vermont Agency of Agriculture."

Fortunately there are ways to protect yourself from these invasive arachnids! Check out the full article below on how to avoid ticks this Summer season.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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