Girl Collects Fallen Out Hair And Turns It Into Something Creative

A girl has gone viral on Tik Tok for her unusual habit of collecting her hair that's fallen out and turning it into something unusual.

Loss hair. Hair fall out. Problem hair

It's a strange hobby, but it's given one girl millions of Tik Tok views as people have become more and more invested in her collecting her hair that she sheds naturally throughout the day.

She films herself sweeping floors, gathering stray strands from her sink and hair brush and turns them into natural hair extensions. In addition to filming the actual gathering of the hair she also posts videos of her brushing and washing them too.

Now this isn't just something that happens over night. It's taken years for her to gather enough to create hair extensions that are thick enough to actually use but people are positively obsessed with her results.

Pretty crazy right? I personally couldn't put that much effort into something like this...mainly because I shed WAY too often but hey you can check out this wild video below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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