Would You Try These British Snacks?

I've never been to Europe, it's on my bucket list. I've just never had that chance. So every now and then I like to watch videos about various cultures and foods from across the pond. That being said I stumbled on to this video of an American giving British foods a try and I have to say some of these just sound ew worthy!

Group of Sweet and Salty Snacks, Perfect for Binge Watching

Now I love love love chocolate, and chips and honestly just snacks in general so when I saw this video I was super curious. But then I started watching and realized they must be pulling this guys leg.

It's like they picked the weirdest of flavors and decided to give this guy a scare. Now are all of them icky? Probably not. But some of these I would be super leery to try!

Anyways take a peak below and let me know, would you give these a try?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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