This New England Beach Was Ranked In The Top 10 In The Country!

Yes, I am from Cape Cod (try not to hold it against me) but that being said I can totally confirm this beach is the best!

Coast Guard House and Coast Guard Beach Cape Cod

Dr. Beach, the apparent authority on the best beaches in the country, has released his Top 10 Beaches in American list just in time for Memorial Day weekend and it just so happens to include a beach from my home Cape Cod!

Being a man made island, it's pretty safe to assume there are no shortages on beaches on Cape Cod, and you'd be right, but there is one that is just a snuff above the rest and that would be Coast Guard Beach in Eastham.

Coming in at number 10, Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, is defiantly a site to see. Not only is it part of the National Seashore that features absolutely stunning walks along very well maintained paths with opportunities to enjoy picturesque views AND there is also a super cool Nation Seashore Museum towards one of the roads leading to the beach.

Honestly the museum is reason enough to head down that way. The museum has a ton of exabits about local wildlife and how can protect it as well as the worlds best informational movies playing only the best hits like, Sands of Time ( a movie about how Cape Cod was formed and a staple field trip for elementary schools across the Cape) and a great one about Guglielmo Marconi the man who discovered radio waves and sent and received the first telegraph from England to the US. Fun fact, he also has a beach a few miles away which is where they sent and received the first radio messages. Although, I think the base of the building has since been lost to erosion … I digress.

As you can see I too clearly love that beach (and Cape Cod) a weird amount and highly recommend if you'd heading to the Cape at some point during the Summer you check it out!

(P.s. If you ever want to know the best places to park, OR the best places to check out while you're down there hit me I up! I love to play tour guide

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