With Pool Season Kicking Off Soon Here's How To Stay Safe

Drownings can happen in minutes, stay safe this holiday weekend!

Portrait of baby boy swimming and diving underwater in pool

Despite this weekend potentially being fairly wet and rainy here in New England I wanted to pass this little article on pool safety along because even if it's not ideal swimming weather now, it is coming!

So far this season pool related drownings have been on the rise in Florida, which isn't a surprise it it's been in the 80's here I can only imagine how warm and stifling it's been down there. And people do need to beat the heat. But the problem comes when people forget that drownings can happen so easily. Not just to children of certain age but anyone who hasn't been born with gills to help them breath under water.

That being said, this article has some great tips to stay safe not just this up coming holiday weekend but well into the Summer months ahead!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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