Leaked Footage Shows UFO's Over A Naval Ship

"There is a lot of pressure by the global public and the American public for answers."


Do you believe in Aliens? Because I absolutely do!

In fact, went I was in high school I am 100% I saw one. I was laying outside in my back yard in mid fall just watching the stars when I saw this one object start to zig and zag. At first I thought it was just like an airplane or something, THEN the craziest thing happened! It started getting closer and then just zoomed off into the nights sky and disappeared! It was so crazy, as you can see, it clearly left an impression on me.

And if you are of the same mindset we are not alone! It looks like the latest leaked footage of UFO's near a naval ship is getting a lot of attention and people want answers!

Check out what happened below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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