Mom Warns Of Viral TikTok Challenge After Daughter Ends Up In The Hospital

Yikes! This is almost as bad as the Tide Pod Challenge!

It's safe to say that every generation has made some terrible mistakes when they were kids. Heck, my mom still brags about how when her and my uncles we kids they would play chicken with knifes!

But with the invention of social media dumb ideas and challenges seem to spread more rapidly than before and the latest is putting children in the hospital.

If you have a TikTok or are familiar with the platform it is a way for people of all ages to communicated and create really interesting videos, personally I love when people share their dance challenges there. However, recently the platform has been home to a new type of challenge. One where the users eat magnets. Yep. you read that correctly. They eat magnets. Why? I have no idea. But as you can imagine it can cause some pretty serious internal damage as one mother below warns.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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