Video Of Guys Racing Random Objects On Treadmills Goes Viral

This is the only good use for a treadmill if you ask me!

Treadmill isolated on white background

Now don't get me wrong. I like to run from time to time, but for whatever reason I've always hated running on treadmills. It just always feels like you're about to lose your balance. Well, maybe that's just me being warry of how clumsy I am but still. I don't like them.

So when I first saw this video the first thing I thought was BRILLIANT! Finally a suitable use for those almost death traps!

Basically what these guys did was get two treadmills put them back to back started racing stuff and decided to film it! Yeah its actually pretty cool. Check out the video below for yourself and see exactly why these guys went viral!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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