Pride Month 2021 on Provincetown, Cape Cod

Heading to Cape Cod to celebrate Pride? Make sure to add P-Town to your list!

Two girlfriends making heart with their hands on the street

I'm telling you man, growing up on Cape Cod in the Summer time was killer for so many reasons but Pride month in P-Town has to top the list!

If you're looking to head to the Cape at some point in June and want to celebrate Pride you HAVE to head on down to Provincetown. Starting June 4th they have some unbelievable activities happening. Parades, performances, over all just an insane amount of fun and celebrations of love in the most accepting way!

Need to know where to go? Check out P-Town Tourism and PTown.Org to get the scoop on everything LGBTQ+ all Summer long!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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