Video: Woman Pushes Bear Off Fence To Save Her Dogs

A woman braved a bear to save her dogs!

Majestic brown bear standing in greenery and observing surrounding.

Now I am well aware that pet owners will go above and beyond to care for their various companions but this dog mom may just get the golden pet owner award of 2021!

A video has surfaced of a woman braving a momma bear to save her less than cautious pooches!

The video starts out innocent enough. You see a momma bear and two cubs walking along a fence. However the homeowner was unaware of their presents and let her dogs out. Well, the dogs immediately ran over the the bear family and started barking and jumping at them. The momma bear then started swinging and the dogs owner came running.

Not only did she grab her dogs, she pushed the bear off the fence with her bear hands! ( no pun intended) Fortunately it looks like both the dogs and the bears ended this interaction unharmed but really it was scary to watch!

Check out the video for yourself below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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