Video: Pitbull So Was Frightened Of Kitten Until They Became Best Friends

Sometimes friendship comes from the most unlikely places!

Puppy and Kitten Closeup Over White

Photo: Getty Images

Growing up, we had two dogs, a cat, a bird and a bunny. It was a regular old zoo of a place!

Sometimes it was hectic and the cat and dogs would fight, like well, cats and dogs! But other times we would catch them all snuggled up together or at the very least getting into mischief with one and other especially as they all got older. That's why I'm never surprised when I see stories about dogs and cats becoming life long friends.

Like this full grown Pitbull who, at first, was positively terrified of being around this cute little fluff ball of a kitten! Eventually though they became fast friends and fortunately for all of us their owners caught their friendship on film!

Check out the video below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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